Under Tile Heating

Energy efficient Tile Heating systems – Unlike conventional under floor heating systems which were placed in the concrete slab buried many centimeters below the tiles, GreenR Tile Heating is placed directly below the tile surface. This method of application increases the reaction time of the system by up to 80%, resulting in significantly lower running costs. This makes this one of the most energy efficient systems when compared to alternative heating sources.

Combine this with our superb, innovative GreenR  Thermal Insulation solutions and response times are further improved to just minutes. (GreenR Lightweight Thermal Insulating Screed | GreenR Thermal Insulating Boards | GreenR Thermal Insulating Cork ) The energy savings are unparalleled! Under normal conditions you can lose more than 15% of your heating energy through the floor and 35% through the walls.  Energy losses are even higher for floor heating without insulation.   GreenR Thermal Insulation can save up to 40% in energy costs depending on the method chosen. Thermal Insulation is your silent energy saver!

GreenR Tile Heating systems are manufactured to the strictest standards and the robust heating element is encapsulated in a tough protective insulation which ensures longevity of your chosen system.

In most applications a tile heater with a power density of 200 watt per m² will cover ± 60% of the actual floor area. This is also depending on the individual room’s heat loss factors. The configuration of the element and layout is manipulated in such a way that the heating element is positioned in the areas were you will be in contact with the floor surface.

Bathrooms are dealt with individually and generally have a 90% floor coverage ensuring no unwanted cold patches on the floor, as you are generally bare foot in these areas. Earth shielding of the element makes the product compliant with legislation and safe to install even in wet areas.

Tile Heating applications are done on the sand cement screed surface or on top of GreenR Thermal Insulation. Floors are prepared with a primer which ensures a proper bond between the screed and the floor heating system. The heating element is covered with a layer of protective fibreglass mesh and covered with a specially manufactured polymer-modified cementitious application with excellent levelling properties. The entire application is ± 1.5mm thick as to not elevate the existing floor height.

All floor heating systems are managed by either manual, digital or intelligent digital programmable thermostats, ensuring total comfort at an affordable running cost.