Under carpet heating

Under Carpet Heating

Under carpet heating is installed directly below the carpet surface on top of the under felt. This ensures that the heating system is insulated form screed surface, resulting in minimal unnecessary heat loss taking place with all the heat penetrating directly through the carpet surface. With a response time of less than 30 minutes, this application is extremely successful and the heating system can be used as necessary.

Combine this with GreenR Insulation which are our superb and innovative insulation solutions.  Response times can be further improved to just minutes and the energy savings are unparalleled.

GreenR offers a variety of pre-manufactured heating pads in various sizes, power outputs and shapes to accommodate any room layout.

Carpet heating operates at a 160 watt per m² power density and is manufactured from a multi stranded earth shielded element. The element is secured between triple layers of aluminium sheeting, incorporating a polyethylene reinforced centre of waterproofing.

All carpet heating systems are double insulated and connected to the house ELCB. The incorporation of an aluminium sheet ensures excellent heat spread with no intensified hotspots on the carpet. The self regulating element ensures no overheating and fire hazard. Carpeted Heating is a safe, healthy and economical way to ensure total comfort.

All floor heating systems are managed by analogue, digital or intelligent digital programmable thermostats, ensuring total comfort at affordable running cost.