Thank you for your contribution to the project – likewise we enjoyed working with you.

Douglas Austin

Team Austin

Team Austin

We built out retirement home in 2016 on top of 2 extra large double garages and decided to have only tiled floors for easy cleaning.  Being situated on a farm and having dogs living with us inside our home, carpeted floors were not an option.

But we also wanted the home for our old age to be warm and cozy in winter and so we decided to give GreenR the job to install insulation and under-floor heating.

Clinton advised us to use insulation to prevent the loss of heat to the bottom, using electricity much more economically, since all the heat would only go upwards and in combination with thermostats in each room, the temperature can be individually controlled, per room and per hour.

We are now experiencing our first winter in our new home and the under-floor heating system works like a bomb: our rooms are set on certain temperatures during the day and different temperatures during the night and it is always wonderful cozy and warm during those hours when we need it most.

We would not want it in any other way and consider a pleasant temperature in our house not to be a luxury, but rather a necessity for healthy living, especially for us elderly people.

I can warmly recommend using GreenR for your own needs.

Best regards,

Yngvild Steytler

Kaapzicht Wine Estate



Kaapzicht Wine Estate

Thank you for the professional way that your company executed the contract.

You can use me any time as a reference.

House De Beer – Jakkalsfontein

Past working experience was very good. Support on site from your supervisor and work force is better than most.
I will definitely recommend your company on any future Projects (and have done so already).
Looking forward to working with your company again.

As always very happy.

Gavin Hofmeyr – Projects Inc.

I thought that your service was quick, reliable and neat.
I am enjoying my underfloor heating in this cold weather.

RF Broadhurst

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