Who We Are

Stewardship of the Earth and it’s resources is a founding value of our organisation. We are committed to bringing you world-class ENERGY EFFICIENT solutions to your project or home.

Our brand reflects these values and we stand for unsurpassed excellence and class leading innovation in our specialist areas. We embrace change while staying relevant in a more environmentally conscious world. Short-term compromise or gain fails to consider the future and our inherent responsibilities towards this Earth.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to the responsible use of our resources, through cutting edge energy efficient solutions, recycling, innovation and more, to ensure real time savings in the present and that we leave this Planet in a prosperous condition for future generations.

Our business is founded on the principles of Integrity, Stewardship, Innovation, Purpose and Timelessness. We strive for this achievement in every single project based on the pillars of responsibility, excellence, focus, history and innovation.

Principles of Our Work

  • Responsible stewardship of our Earth
  • World-class innovative solutions
  • Integrity and excellence in craftsmanship
  • Cost efficiency | In the present and future


Project Management
Wall Thermal Insulation
Floor Thermal Insulation
Exterior Thermal Insulation
Under Floor Heating



Clinton Diergaardt

Founder, Heating

Founder and Owner Clinton started from very humble beginnings. Over the years he has constantly challenged himself to improve, grow and develop.
Now as a business owner,he has worked at the proverbial “coalface” and brings with him a wealth of understanding and competence in our specialised disciplines and project management.  Coupled with a sharp and innovative mind, he is without a doubt one of the most skilled and technically competent individuals in this country.
He has 24 years specialist experience in this industry. You want his insight and expertise when planning energy efficient solutions on your project!


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